Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Ideas

Through the years as Vero grew and supplied many prestigious resorts and homes, I started to dream again. I had no idea what type of wall finish I was looking for until I saw an amazing product at a trade show in Portland, Oregon. It is called US CottonWall. It's certainly not a sexy or romantic name like Vero, Italian wall finishes, but the products blew me away. I knew immediately I had to learn all about it and become a distributor.
Eco-friendly, all natural - what could be more renewable than cotton? It is an interior, seamless wall finish that comes in just about any color you could dream up. Think of a media room, library, conference room, dining room, or just about any interior space where quiet is desired! You know there really are not many attractive or glamorous finishes for media rooms that have acoustical properties. This product absorbs sounds creating a warm, quiet, cozy interior space. It is also appropriate for bathrooms, powder rooms, spas, and just about any room in your home or office. Photos do not do it justice. It must be seen in person to touch and feel. You can add effect materials to "bling" up the room or keep it soft and sophisticated.

We are currently doing our bathroom in our gold Silk Bama cotton product with some mica flakes and metallic threads. When it's completed it will look like you are opening the door to a beautiful jewelry box. I have yet to decide what accent colors I am going to use in the bathroom. I am thinking of accessorizing with a few jewel tones, but the truth is I could choose almost any color and it would look delish.
Even if you are an expert plasterer or painter, training is necessary.  It’s not plaster, paint, or wallpaper - it is cotton.
We frequently have classes taught by our in-house expert, Lisa Milligan.
Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any of your questions, 714.637.7341.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

My Dad founded Merlex Stucco in 1963 and unexpectedly died in the early 90’s from ALS. At that time, I decided to purchase the family business. It took many years for me to understand the stucco industry, but I was smart enough to surround myself with very intelligent people in our industry.
As the years passed I started dreaming about new products. It was 12 years ago I decided to visit Italy and explore importing Italian wall finishes. Not faux finishes (paint) but the real deal. These finishes are similar to what Michelangelo used centuries ago. I started my adventure traveling through Italy and visiting manufacturers of Italian lime plasters. I did not connect with any of the companies I visited until the day I got off the train in Trieste. I met Massimo Locascio, the Export Manager from Rialto.

The next day I fell in love with true Italian lime plasters. That was it for me. I wanted to learn everything about these beautiful plasters. Envision the majestic limestone cliffs in Carrara, Italy where spectacular slabs of marble are cut for use in the finest homes throughout the world. I visited a beautiful country estate belonging to an Italian family that has slaked lime for generation’s right on the property. The limestones are delivered to an old brick kiln on the estate. You can read more about the slaking process on our on our website. I will tell you it is slaked for two years on the estate before transporting to the factory in Trieste.

Can you imagine Americans waiting two years to make lime plasters? The only thing we will wait two years for is a bottle of wine!
If the owner of the estate likes you, he will invite you into his cellar bar to share a toast with his favorite rare vino. 

 Antiqua I lime Finish                                               Shady Canyon, CA

Antiqua I lime finish   The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA

NLP over Antiqua lime finish                        Scottsdale, AZ

Antiqua I lime finish               Crystal Cove, CA

Solution Finish                                   Shady Canyon, CA

Now I have shared with you my passion for Italian plasters. In June of 2011 we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Vero. Vero means "truth" in Italian. I chose that name because the truth is in the plaster - it's the real thing!